Terms of use

By using our directory you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy listed here.


The Terms of Use page sets out the general terms and conditions of using our directory at 1WebDirectory.co.uk

Our directory takes on website submissions from users and validates these manually to ensure we link only to quality resources over the Internet. Anyone can make a submission in our directory, however by submitting a website you agree you are the owner or authorized person to do so in the name of the submitted listing.

We accept various websites that we find interesting to our users and target market. Submitting a website multiple times is not permitted, and spamming our directory will lead to banning the user and removing any previous listings we have from that user.

Directory Submission Packages & Payments

Our directory offers both free and paid packages for submitting websites.

The Free Package comes fewer advantages in terms of visibility (shown after paid listings, in appropriate sub-categories), and we also require a backlink in place that needs to remain live for the duration of the listing in our directory. Our system checks regularly for these backlinks, and listings found to have removed these will be deleted.

The Paid Packages have more advantages, as these listings will be shown to the top of their category, submissions permitted in both main category (for selected packages) and sub-category.

Regardless of type of package selected, all websites need to meet quality guidelines listed on the submission page at all times. If a website does fail to meet these guidelines at any given point, we reserve the right to remove it from our directory.

For the case of paid packages, if a listing does not meet the guidelines set, we reserve the right to reject the submission and no cashback will be issued.

Payments are processed with PayPal, an online payment service provider.

Term of Submission

All submissions that are approved will be listed for the lifetime of the directory or the website submitted, as long as the submission guidelines are preserved. If we find a website to become unavailable, publish unacceptable/illegal content, we reserve the right to remove it. No re-payment is offered in the case of paid listings.


Our website uses cookies to enable us to provide you with a better experience. Cookies used by our website are for general tracking purposes, under the format "ga_", set by a third party service we use, Google Analytics. This service tracks page views, time spent on website, most visited pages, referrers, location of users (country, region, city) - all for the sole purpose of better understanding what our directory users look for. This is general info and is not linked in any way on our end to a user profile. Google Analytics however, as part of the Google platform, may log your interests through the Analytics tracking. Please refer to Google.com/Analytics for more details.

Users should note that further cookies may be set when clicking on external links (visiting any of the websites listed in our directory). Please check the visited website for more details on their privacy policy.

Users that submit a listing in our directory give their consent to us saving & showing specific information submitted. Details in the submissions like website name, url, descriptions, keywords will be made public in the directory in the appropriate category should the listing be approved. The email address of the webmaster submitting a listing will not be shown to other users and is used only for notification purposes like status of your listing.
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